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General Information You Must Know About Laser Hair Removal

Basically, laser hair removal uses a pulse of light to destroy the hair follicle either permanently or temporary. You may consider having the hair removed from the head, arm pits among other parts of the body where hair grow. During the process, you will have the hair removed from the part you dislike it by subjecting laser light to the tissue in question. In most cases, hair is visible at a certain stage of human growth especially after puberty. It is modest to know that many men tend to have more hair than women which tends to grow in body areas one would not like to have it. You would need to know that while you cannot control where the hair grows, you can have the hair in question shaped or gotten rid of depending on what you like and what you dislike. There are several ways of hair removal that are characterized by various reasons that range from sexual, cultural, or religious, reasons.

To those interested to know how laser hair removal works, it involves a process call selective photothermolysis which in simple terms matches specific wavelengths of pulse and light durations with the intention of obtaining optimal effect towards a specific tissue without harming the surrounding tissues. It is due to efficacy and efficiency that lase hair removal has become a prevalent procedure. One would need to understand that different specialists tend to offer different results. It would be wise for you to take time to find the best lase hair removal. It is also good to note that lase hair removal as a procedure is not a dangerous procedure.

When compared to shaving, laser hair removal tends to be more effective due to the fact that one takes longer or even loose hair permanently depending on the service provider. In the same manner, laser hair removal tends to be better than waxing as waxing tends to remove hair from the skin for a short period. You would also need to note that hair removal works at 755 and 1064 nm with the device providing air cooling making it not painful. You would also need to note that the pulse width also known as the duration is the aspect that determines the damage achieve to the follicle. The moment the germ cell is dead, you can be sure that your hair is not going to grow any time soon. In a case where you go to an experienced specialist, you would need fewer sessions to achieve the expected results. To the people with darker skin, epidermal cooling tends to allow higher fluency and hence reduce pain as well as the side effects on the skin. Under normal circumstances, the hair tends to take about two to three weeks after treatment to shed but should not be manipulated with the intention of making it shed.

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