What Conditions Are Treated With Dietary Supplements?

The Tongkat Ali Eurycomanone extract provides major health benefits for women and men. The all-natural product introduces a variety of naturally-occurring substances into the body to increase energy and hormone levels. Online suppliers offer the extract in a variety of quantities at affordable pricing.

Libido and Testosterone Levels

The extract is known for increasing the production of testosterone levels in men. As the hormone levels increase, men will see a noticeable change in their libido. The levels can also affect muscle mass and the man’s ability to fight off fat deposits. By taking the extract daily, men lower the effects of Low-T and improve their physical and sexual health.

Fighting off Cancer Cells

The product contains beta-carboline alkaloids. The substances are known for fighting off the production of cancer cells. Men and women could benefit from these properties and fight off the development of lung and breast cancer. Among the alkaloids that are known to reduce the production of cells, there are nineteen in the extract.

Fighting Off Infections

The extract contains ginseng leaves that provide acetone extracts. The leaves provide an antibacterial effect and could help consumers lower their risk of serious infections. Among the most prominent infections that it fights are staph, salmonella, and e-coli. Consumers who are at a higher risk of these infections could lower their risks by consuming the supplements each day.

Stress and Anxiety

The studies for the extract show a reduction in cortisol levels. It is these levels that increase stress and anxiety in consumers. According to the studies, the extract provides the same effects as diazepam and could be more effective and safer for treating anxiety-based disorders.

Are There Side Effects?

The most common side effects of the extract are increased body heat and a risk of insomnia. Some consumers have reported a bitter taste from the extract that could affect the taste of some foods. Some men have also reported abnormally high testosterone levels.

Throughout the U.S., women and men have started taking dietary supplements to improve their health. The Longjack extract could provide consumers with a wealth of benefits including a reduced risk of cancer and heart disease. The products are also beneficial in treating anxiety and stress. Consumers who want to purchase the extract can contact their preferred retailer now.